General Motors Bringing in a New Automobile Model? Hmm….

The auto industry’s got to love big news when it shows up on the digital airwaves. This is definitely the case with General Motors, putting their money where their mouth is, investing a bit on some innovation in the auto industry as we’d expect from several other brands and the advent of the electric vehicle. Do you want to know why they’ve potentially got something going here?

Let’s Just Say That General Motors Will Hit Spending Up to $245MM for Its Orion Assembly PlantGeneral Motors label

That’s a whole lot of dough to fork over just to beef up production and jobs for a plant. 300 jobs, to be exact. But General Motors is doing it for a specific reason — they have in mind a new model line that they’re planning on launching very soon. And we’re beginning to wonder if this line will blow the auto industry right out of the water given they’re investing that much money into just one manufacturing plant. Staggering.

This particular announcement from General Motors actually followed a $160MM commitment only seven months ago for the production of the new Bolt, one of the electric vehicles we’ve been seeing a bit of in the industry. That’s been making auto selections a bit sweeter, right? Well, get ready for some more toothaches knowing that General Motors just invested that much more. What’re they planning?

All that’s being said is this is an “all-new vehicle program unlike any in the plant’s 32-year history.” That’s a bold statement.

General Motors Could Be Making the Auto Industry Go Supernova, It Seems

Like a big fiery fireball. That’s what it’s going to be. Social media will go ablaze. Services for your automobile will skyrocket. All we can say is that this could very well be great news — even if we’re not hearing much of anything at all. It’s like a movie trailer teaser. And it’s whetting our appetites for the big red carpet premier. Go for it, GM.